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Do you have containers to return & refill but you can't get to our markets? Now you can place your order here for refills, and we will arrange pick up for your containers. When we get the containers, we will clean/sanitize them and fill your order. We must receive the same number of containers and refills. (Ex. You order 6 foamer pump refills and we receive 6 foamer pumps, then we clean them, replace any broken pump parts, and fill your order. This make take up to 3 weeks to complete, especially during busy Market Season.
We reuse & refill the following Tale of the Snail products:
- candle tins & tumblers, with lids
- 32 oz glass liquid soap bottles
- 12 oz mason jars with foamer pumps (if you do not return the pump, your refill will not have a pump, it will be a screw top)


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