Bulk Discount Pricing

Updated January 2024

Thank you for your interest in our products. We have been making soap & candles since 2011 and are proud to make everything by hand using fresh ingredients. All of our scents are free from parabens & phthalates and are made with essential oil infused fragrance. We do not use any Palm Oil or animal products and we use local ingredients/supplies whenever possible.

We offer 25% off retail prices when purchased by the dozen.

  • Castile Soap Bars & Liquid
  • Bath Bombs & Shower Cakes
  • Soy Candle Tins, Tumblers & Wax Melts

How to Order: All orders must be placed through this link. We do not accept verbal orders, text orders or social media orders.

Opening Order Minimum: $300

Reorders: $200 minimum. To maintain bulk customer pricing status a minimum of $300 in orders must be placed per calendar year. (1st year covered by opening order)

Geographical Exclusivity: Not available. We maintain our right to sell our products at markets, events & other locations in all areas.

Turn Around Time: Production begins when we receive your full payment. This is how long it will take for your order to be finished, from date of payment. All of our products are made from scratch, by hand and some take longer to cure. Orders of “Assorted Dozen” will take less time as we pull items from current stock to fill your order.

  • Bars – 8 weeks
  • Liquid – 3 weeks
  • Candles & Melts – 3 weeks
  • Bombs & Cubes– 2 weeks

Payment & Terms: All orders are to be made through this link. We will confirm your order, including estimated delivery date within 24 business hours of receiving your order.  We do not accept cash, check or Venmo for Bulk Retail orders. Once your order is received, we begin to order supplies and get your order in our production queue. ETAs will be communicated at time of order and may be affected due to supply chain issues.

Delivery/Shipping: When you check out there may be a few options, choose to have your order shipped directly to you via USPS Priority Mail, or if you are in our delivery area, choose Free Delivery to your location. We do not offer pick up services at our location or any of our market locations.

Exchange & Returns: We do not accept exchanges or returns but we will work with you to resolve any issues. We are not responsible for any damage to product once it leaves our hands. This includes any damage to products from improper handling or storage at your location. Packing List included with every order. Orders damaged in shipping require photos of damage during unpacking, and will be resolved through shipping insurance. We ship priority mail with insurance and tracking. Any item damaged during delivery will be noted by delivery driver and resolved within 48 business hours of delivery.   

Storage & Display: Most of our products are sensitive to temperature & environment. All products should be displayed & stored out of direct sunlight in an environment between 45-80 degrees.

  • Soy Candles will start to sweat & soften if stored above 90 degrees. Candles affected by heat will discolor, turn rancid and the wicks may loosen. Some candles naturally discolor due to high vanilla scent content, this is aesthetic only.
  • Bath Bombs & Shower Cakes are shrink wrapped but will discolor when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight and may activate if exposed to damp or very humid environments.
  • Handmade Castile Soap Bars will discolor & sweat when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Handmade Castile Soap Pumps & Bottles may appear cloudy or foamy in colder temps, this will go away when warmer.

Displays: If you are interested in purchasing soap bar displays or candle shelves from us, please contact us directly for pricing and availability to suit your needs.

As a reseller of our products, we offer 25% off retail, and we require that you do not sell for less than the MSRP. Bulk pricing allows for a modest profit for resellers while not undercutting our own website & event pricing. We do not tolerate being undersold and will no longer do business with you if we find that you are underselling us. You are welcome to charge more than MSRP.

Products Available 

Handmade Cold Process Castile Soap Bars
Loaf (Dozen Bars) $72 ($6/bar) MSRP $8
Choose Single Scent per Loaf or 12 Assorted Dozen

    Handmade Castile Soap Bars available in over 25 scents & styles. Loaves are cut and Bars are individually labeled with kraft paper labels, no shrink wrap

    Handmade, Slow Cooked Castile Soap Liquid
    12 oz Mason Jar Foamer Pumps (Dozen) $117 ($9.75/pump) MSRP $13
    Choose Single Scent per Dozen or 12 Assorted Dozen

      32 oz Amber Glass Bottles (Assorted Dozen) $270 ($22.50/bottle) MSRP $30
      Assorted Dozen only

      Handpoured Soy Candles
      5 oz Silver Tins (Dozen) $135 ($11.25/tin) MSRP $15
      Choose Single Scent per Dozen or 12 Assorted Dozen

        8.5 oz Handblown Colored Glass Tumblers (Dozen) $216 ($18/tin)  MSRP $24
        Choose Single Scent per Dozen or 12 Assorted Dozen

        2 oz Wax Melts (Assorted Dozen) $54 ($4.50/melt)  MSRP $6
        Assorted Dozen only

        Handmade Bath Bombs & Shower Cubes
        Bath Bombs (Dozen) $45 ($3.75/bomb) MSRP $5
        Assorted Dozen only

          Shower Cubes (Dozen) $45 ($3.75/bomb)  MSRP $5
          Choose Single Scent per Dozen or Split between 2 scents (6 ea scent)

          All bath bombs & shower cubes are shrink-wrapped with biolefin more biodegradable shrink wrap
          Shower Cubes are wrapped in foil and are shrink-wrapped with biolefin more biodegradable shrink wrap

          If you have any questions please call/text/email us so we can chat.
          If you encounter any issues ordering through our website, please use the chatbot to send us a message and we will resolve ASAP during business hours.