Winter Break 2022-23

Hi Friends! We are officially on Winter Break starting 12/17. Thank you all for the best year yet for our small business. We deeply appreciate every single one of you.   
Our website will remain open during Break, however any orders received after midnight 12/17 will not be processed or available until January 2023.  Shipping is available, but no delivery or porch pick up until we fully reopen in January.  

Wishing everyone peace and health not only during the holidays, but all year long.  We hope that you are able to spend time with people & animals that you love.  Every year we close down so that we can get the majority of our soap making done. We make True Soap, from scratch and the curing process is 6-8 weeks.

This is a scientific and natural curing process and there is no magic way to speed it up! We do NOT make ‘melt & pour’ soap, we make Cold Process Soap from high quality, plant based, vegan ingredients. December & January is the perfect weather for production of all our products because of the low humidity and cool temps.  During this time we are working hard on making bars and liquid, bombs & cakes.  
Please be kind & patient with everyone, especially delivery drivers, regular drivers & people in the service industry, we are all doing the best we can during a stressful time! 

stay clean. smell good. live slow.  
catch you all in 2023.
SnailQueen Stef