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Winter Break

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Winter Break starts today- Dec 19- We close down for 6-8 weeks every year so that we can make soap. We make our soap from scratch, and it takes several weeks to cure.  We do NOT make ‘melt & pour’ soap, we make Cold Process Soap, it’s very different.  During this time we are working hard on making bars and liquid, bombs & cakes.   We will reopen and resume normal operations sometime in February. 

Here’s what Winter Break means:

  • Porch Pick Up/limited inventory- During this time we are not shipping or delivering.  We will resume all services sometime in February. Inventory is limited to what is on the website. 
  • Liquid Soap- Pre-order available for jugs, ready in January. 
  • Full Loaves-  We will soon be offering full loaves of soap in our signature scents, as well as custom orders of loaves with your fave scent & colors.  We plan to launch this option in a few weeks, stay tuned!
  • Custom Orders - January is the time to place your custom orders, look for more info on this in a week or so.  We will soon be offering the option to design your own loaf of soap,bath bombs and more.

As I write this I am prepping to get on the road for Delivery Day- our last one for 2020.  All orders have shipped and have either been delivered or have current tracking info.   Please be patient, all shipping services are running late for many reasons (increased online shopping due to stay home orders, holiday shopping, employee covid cases,vaccine shipments, and then there's that blizzard on top of it all). Please be patient and kind, there is a lot going on in our country right now.  

stay clean. smell good. live slow.  
catch you all in 2021.
SnailQueen Stef