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The Heat is On

Summer, summer, summertime...
Time to sit back and unwind... well actually summer is our busiest season, but we like to unwind occasionally!  The temp is going up in the 80s and 90s for the next week, so that means shipping butter body will be tricky, but warmer temps also means Market Season has officially begun!
We had an amazing Opening Day at Pottstown FARM, it was lovely to see so many return customers, friends and family.  Thank you all so much! We sold out of our Summer FARM candles in just a couple of hours and we plan to have more on 5/29 at the next market.  Please keep in mind that these are ONLY available in-person at Pottstown FARM and it's first come, first served.  We plan to have these candles available until August and then we will have a new FALL FARM scent available. Body Butter might be available on 5/29, but it depends on the temperature.   

Bar Soap-We will be rolling out more bar soap scents as summer goes on.  We got a late start on soap making this year due to shipping issues, but we have lots on our curing racks and we look forward to sharing with you! Did you know we also make loaves of soap (10 bars)? Contact us if you are interested in the Full Loaf.   We also do custom travel size bars too.  

Candles - Mason Jars are available in limited scents; we are hoping to be able to make more soon. There is currently a Mason Jar shortage due to so many people doing DIY and canning projects during 2020.  The good news is we will soon have Jelly Jars available, sometime in June.  Amber tumblers are also on backorder, indefinitely.  

Body Butter - We have just a few jars left in a few scents, and then it will be gone till cooler months.  We are working on being able to ship in warm months, but are not quite ready just yet.  There may be a few available for porch pick up, so give us a text or email if you are interested.  

Liquid Soap- Right now we have lots of pumps in stock and a few refill jugs.  We plan to make another batch of liquid in a few weeks, so there will be more jugs available soon.  Please be patient, we are working as fast as we can! 

That is my update for this week. Hope that everyone is healthy and safe and enjoying the warm weather.  Any questions or inquiries, shoot me a message on Facebook or drop me an email at

 stay clean. smell good. live slow.  

SnailQueen Stef