Spring Candle In Progress- ends 3/31

Last Liquid Pre-Order for 2022

Last Liquid Soap Cook of the year! We are excited to announce that we are having another Pre-Sale for Liquid Soap Pumps & Bottles. This will be our FIFTH batch of the year, which is 2 more batches than last year... that is a LOT of soap! Thank you all for your support.

10% off pumps & bottles through 11/15. We will be cooking soap next week, so if you are looking to stock up and you want to pick up at one of our events, pre-order so that we will have what you want. Shipping & Delivery Available. This includes our popular Summer FARM scents too, in pumps & refills.

Orders will be ready by 11/26

Apple Cinnamon
Coconut Lime Verbena
Feeling Groovy
Lemon Slices
Red Currant
Soft Chamomile
Summer FARM