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Got Tissue Paper?

image of tissue paper with words Got Tissue Paper?

We are currently accepting donations of new or gently used tissue paper.  You know, the stuff that people use for one time use to make a gift in a bag look pretty, not the stuff that ya blow yer nose on!

  • must be clean, no spills or perfumes or food on tissue
  • crumpled, wrinkled or torn is OK, does not have to be folded in a sheet
  • any and all colors accepted, prints, patterns, pastels, brights, neutrals, logos, all are useful.
  • NO GLITTER none, nada, zilch. If there is glitter on one piece in the donation, we have to toss the whole thing.  Glitter is evil and we are not able to use anything with glitter. Not even the kind that is glued to the paper.  No Glitter, for real for real. We mean it. 
  • Of course we accept new packets of tissue as well
  • Please inspect your donation to make sure there are no bugs, rodents or feces on it.  This is just gross, please do this. 

Why are we collecting tissue paper? Stef uses tissue paper to create her recycled/upcycled artwork.  Yes, we could go buy some at the Dollar Store, but that goes against our foundational principles of using what we already have to create something new.  We rely on our customer, friends & family to help us. In turn we help you all by taking your 'waste' and making it in to something new. 
If you think you have some tissue paper that you would like to donate, please send a text to Stef at 484-347-7976 and we will set up a time to pick up.   At this time we only accept donations from locals, but if you have a donation that you want to pop in the mail, we will accept that too. 

For more info on donations, click here.

stay clean. smell good. live slow.