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Shipping is closed, but....

Hey there friends, we hope you are all staying clean, healthy & social distancing.   
As of 12/7/20 we are unable to ship for the rest of the year.  All orders received before this date have either already shipped or will soon be on the way.  

Yes you can still order product, here are your options.  

  • Delivery- We deliver to zip codes in the 194 and 193 area.  Delivery dates are scheduled for 12/12 and 12/18. Once you place your order we will confirm your date and give you an estimated time.  Minimum order $10
  • Free Porch Pick up- We are located in East Norriton, PA and have porch pick up available between 10am & 7pm most days of the week. Once you place your order, we will confirm with you when you would like to pick up.  Contact free pick up, we place your order in a plastic bin on the porch and have hand sanitizer for you to use if needed.  

We are closed from 12/19 until mid-February, and will have minimal soap products available.  

We want to thank everyone deeply for all of your support this year.  We are trying to stay in business and make it through this pandemic.  We have had to change the way we interact with all of you, as well as reevaluate our suppliers and our product offerings.   We are determined to stay true to our ethics and goals while still crafting the high quality products that have become our signature.  Things have not been easy, but we are tough and will make it through!

Stay Clean. Smell Good. Live Slow