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Art from Trash

Stef makes her art out of recycled materials and accepts small donations of certain items.  If you are interested in donating, please contact her at 484-347-7976

Accepted items:

  • Paper scraps: Are you an artist or scrap booker with lots of little paper or card stock pieces? Instead of tossing in the garbage, put them in a bag or box and collect.  All colors & patterns accepted. We make handmade paper out of your scraps.  (Please note we do not accept junk mail, used tissues, or food wrappers)
  • Tissue Paper: All colors & patterns. NO GLITTER. Crumpled, wrinkled, scraps, full sheets all accepted. 
  • Mesh produce bags: these are the bags commonly used for onions, garlic, citrus and other produce.  You don't even have to remove the tags! 
  • Magazines/Catalogs: non-newspaper type only, in good condition. 
  • Boxes: We are always looking for interesting sturdy small or medium size boxes.  NOT Amazon or food-delivery boxes.   If you think you have a cool box that can be reused, let us know.  Must be clean and free from debris, no food or other stains.
  • Art & Office Supplies: If you are purging your house or office and you find that you have unopened or gently used art or office supplies, we may take them or be able to donate them for you. 

Please note

  • We do not accept donations of trash, only the items above.
  • Please make sure there are no stains, pieces of food, used tissues, bugs, animal feces or any other gross stuff on your donations.
  • We do not accept used glass, plastic or metal containers. We are working on a recycling program for our plastic containers.
  • If you have something that you think is too cool to throw away/recycle, and you think Stef could make it into something, send a message and let us know, we might be interested!